Hello, we are Divide.
We are a multitalented and multidisciplined collection of creative thinkers and doers who through a unique strategic perspective, create innovative solutions for new and existing businesses.

We exist to find a better way. 




The universe is constantly filling with stuff, and we only have a short time to make an impact. Let's make something great together.



Strategy is everything and with it, we can build almost anything. We are creative and like design in all its forms. Whilst we can do lots, here is where we shine;



Brand Strategy & Positioning // Naming // Branding // Identities // Digital Design & Development // Interior Design // Wayfinding // Packaging // Merchandise // Print Media. 


We work with passion-lead people, entrepreneurs and visionaries to build and refine their strategies to make their brands the ones that truly move the needle.


We work with established brands to re-position, pivot or otherwise enhance their brands for long term sustainable growth. Give your brand the push it needs to be the best in the business. 

We Believe

that design paired with strategy is the gateway to connecting with your audience effectively. 

Brand is the ultimate decider.

The best idea wins.


Lets work together